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Model Driven Development with Adobe Flex

Posted: August 30, 2010 in LCDS
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Adobe has developed a new technology, code named Fiber, which brings model-driven development to Flex developers. With Fiber, developers start by creating an application model from which they go on to develop the Flex user interface and the server business logic. It is easier and quicker to now develop Flex applications with Flash Builder 4 and LiveCycle Data Services 3.
The beta version of LiveCycle Data Services 3 provides a Fiber model run-time, and thus enables data persistence out of the box. With Fiber, data management is implicitly supported and does not require developers to create custom assemblers or employ complicated LiveCycle Data Services specific configurations. More often you can develop a functional application skeleton or prototype without ever having to write any Java or Flex code.

The new modelling features offer developers a complete front-to-back solution, including the necessary tools for building production applications. The key tool is the LCDS plug-in for the Flash Builder 4 IDE, recently released into beta, which includes a built-in modeller and strong service integration for developing the client side Flex application. There are other new features in the release, including support for reliable communication and data throttling. To learn more about the release check out this article. Also, Adobe has published a couple of videos on the new features (one & two).