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The Big Blue celebrates its 100th anniversary and this is a gigantic achievements. The Big Blue is a popular name of IT giant IBM (International Business Machine). After this success story IT worlds are started looking the essence of survival in volatile IT industry. From the product providers to the service providers IBM is a witness of many changes in industry. I have also analyzed on this and found that the key of survivals are always ready to welcome changes. From this post I am trying to elaborate my observation. IBM started its IT line of business as a makers of typewriter because that era was for publishing market. Industry are changing frequently and there are demand of new technology are always in high. In every business changes IBM (Big Blue) always ready to adopt the changes. They quickly adopting the changes and become a leading electronic devices manufacturer. And on that time this company is a dominating force in commercial computing market. IBM analyzed the demand of data storage market after personal computer provider and enter into that domain also. As a data storage product providers IBM innovated Disk Drive, Floppy Disk, Magnetic Strip (we use that magnatic stripe in our credit/debit card). IBM gradually understand the demand of software and services market and sell their personal computer business to China’s Lenovo and jump into the software service industry. Nowadays Cloud computing is a popular jargon in IT industry and IBM invested huge on this area also. By adopting the changes IBM lead and survive last 100th years. As it celebrates its 100th anniversary, International Business Machines is a business that shows how innovation has accelerated, and how fast you have to move to stay ahead.

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Now we’re customer-led, we’re producing solutions rather than specific products to link together the complicated global infrastructure we find around us these days

Andy Stanford-Clark

In the same fashion of adapting changes, Apple also lead the IT market industry. Apple started IT  career from printing solution provider and then jump into popular MAC desktop development. When multimedia and music industry were enjoying technology changes Apple developed popular iPod music player. Everybody know the craze of using iPhone, Apple redefine the mobile industry and set a new benchmark for others. After setting a benchmark in mobile industry they enjoying the success of handheld device called iPad. This is not the end of story currently they are jump into the Could market and introduced much hyped iCloud services. They know the essence of adopting changes to surviving the industry. Apple is a dominating leader in their industry because of their believe in innovation and adaptation.

Microsoft is big name in industry but in some area they fail to set the benchmark in industry. Till now Microsoft not doing anything new they are more focused on their Windows OS and other older products line. They are not investing much on innovation and never adopting the changes of market. At present  Google and Facebook is doing good but they have to learn from Apple and IBM for how to adopt the market changes. Google and Facebook innovation growth are idle these days. Google is still much depended on their search engine and Ad insertion market. This is a time for Facebook also to introduced some new innovative idea to retain their user. As per recent survey Facebook losing their member this is not a good sign for this growing baby (report published by InsideFacebook).