As a developer we are habitual to use commonly used approach in programming. There are several alternate and optimized way are also available and we need to give a chance to them as well. ActionScript 3 introduced various operators for specifying how to combine, compare, or modify the values of an expression. From these operators we used only few common operators. There are several rarely used operator are in list that may provide an alternate and optimized way of programming.

There is an operator named logical OR assignment (||=) , this is not in a frequently use. The use of ||= operator is it assigns expression1 the value of expression1 || expression2. First see the traditional approach with the use of conventional operator. See the below example.

Using If condition

Using logical OR assignment operator (||=) we can optimize this.

Using logical OR assignment (||=) operator

In the above example you can see that the complete logical IF statement is shrink into one single line. This operator work like if object is initialized then use the same otherwise assign the newly created object. Enjoy! and give a chance for this operator in your programming.

This month Adobe gifted a new web animations tool called Edge to HTML5 world. This tool is for HTML5web designer for creating interactive graphics on website using HTML5. Currently this is a public preview release version of Edge. According to Adobe this new tool Edge will let web coders bring animation similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. The layout of this tool is like same as Adobe Flash tool. Content created with Edge is designed to work on modern browsers including those on Adobe EdgeAndroid, BlackBerry, Playbook, iOS, HP webOS, and other smartphone mobile devices as well as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Still, with HTML5 being a relatively new technology, it doesn’t today deliver a consistent experience across the widest range of devices and browsers. Adobe’s Edge is a first dedicated IDE for HTML5.

Adobe’s Edge Tool Interface Preview

Adobe’s Edge Tool interface preview

Edge Preview Highlights

This version of Edge focuses primarily on adding rich motion design to new or existing HTML projects, that runs beautifully on devices and desktops.

# Create new compositions with Edge’s drawing and text tools.
# Import popular web graphics such as SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF files.
# Easily choreograph animation with the timeline editor. Animate position, size, color, shape, rotation and more at the property level.
# Energize existing HTML files with motion, while preserving the integrity of CSS-based HTML layouts.
# Copy and paste transitions, invert them, and choose from over 25 built-in easing effects for added creativity.

Reference link for Adobe’s Edge

Adobe Lab for Edge –
Download Link –
Sample file for preview –


We already know that ActionScript3 and FlashPlayer10 have a Vectors class for typed arrays. This Vector class is just an array in which all of its members have the same type and in addition to ensuring the collection is type safe, this can also provide performance improvements over using an Array. Apart from this Adobe Flex framework also introduced a metadata tag for typed array, called [ArrayElementType]. So for end-user developer can use any of these for typed array creation. Here I am penning my observation on this based on my experience. Before moving further I want to give you the official definition of these two terms.

ArrayElementType metadata tag

When you define an Array variable in ActionScript, you specify Array as the data type of the variable. However, you cannot specify the data type of the elements of the Array. To allow the Flex MXML compiler to perform type checking on Array elements, you can use the [ArrayElementType] metadata tag to specify the allowed data type of the Array elements.

Adobe Live doc –

Vector Class

The Vector class lets you access and manipulate a vector, an array whose elements all have the same data type. The data type of a Vector’s elements is known as the Vector’s base type. The base type can be any class, including built in classes and custom classes. The base type is specified when declaring a Vector variable as well as when creating an instance by calling the class constructor. With an Array, you can use the array access operator ([]) to set or retrieve the value of a Vector element.

Adobe Live Doc –


By definition both are available for typed array creation. As per adobe documentation [ArrayElementType] metadata tag works properly in MXML code, so here I am going to give you the comparative example in both MXML and AS3 code for detail analysis.

ActionScript3 Codebase:


In the above example you can see that the [ArrayElementType] metadata tag is not working as it should be. As this is stated in adobe documentation that, the MXML compiler checks for proper usage of the Array only in MXML code; it does not check Array usage in ActionScript code. So we are moving into the MXML implementation. In the above example you will not get any compile time error only the runtime output is diverse.

MXML Codebase:
In this example I have created on custom template component in AS3 codebase and implemented that in MXML code. For more info on template component please check adobe documentation.

Code: This is a custom template component code.


In the above example you can see that the component implementation in MXML is throwing error as expected. But in these scenarios there are no specific deference in Vector and ArrayElementType.

On the basis of above example using Vector class we can achieve the entire typed array based requirement. We have already tested and found that Vector is more performance oriented then Array. So we don’t have any specific reason to use [ArrayElementType] metadata. Instead of using [ArrayElementType] we should use Vector class for better performance.

Adobe released a preview version of interesting code free website designer tool called Muse. This tool is 100% code free, without writing a single line of code you can build your stylish and attractive website. Adobe Muse LogoThis is really interesting, I downloaded the preview version from Adobe lab and really enjoyed working on this.

Adobe already have a powerful website editor called Dreamweaver then why they introduced another one? The reason behind is Dreamweaver is for programmer to build website by writing code and this Muse is specially targeted for designer group those are very much familiar with DTP and printing software like inDesign. By using Muse designers are able to create websites as easily as creating a layout for print. Design and publish original HTML pages using the latest web standards, and without writing code.

The main feature of Adobe Muse are:
# Plan your project — Easy-to-use sitemaps, master pages, and a host of flexible, site-wide tools make it fast and intuitive to get your site planned out and ready for design.

# Design your pages — Adobe Muse is a WYSIWYG type of tool and it helps to design web pages very effectively. Combine imagery, graphics and text with complete control, flexibility and power (almost as if you were using Adobe InDesign).

# Add interactivity — Drag and drop fully customizable widgets like navigation menus and slide shows, embed HTML code snippets to include things like Google Maps, enable tool tips, rollovers and much more.

# Publish your site — Preview your site with Muse to see how it looks and test how it works. Then convert to a live website using Adobe for hosting, or export the HTML for hosting with a provider of your choice.

Adobe Muse Tool

For getting more please visit Muse official website –

This tool is built by using Adobe AIR technology. If you are looking for online brochures page then this is for you but this is not accommodate complex and data interactive website. If you are a designer and want to develop attractive website in lesser time then this is for you. Lets see how this tool is welcomed by web designers.

Overall this is very interesting tool just give a try for this.

Technology world is moving gradually from one trends to another, and in a past few years we witnessed of this rapid progress. The gradual shift in the conception of IT from a product engineering to a service engineering is one of the most widely discussed trends that have emerged in the wake of the recent circumstances that have befallen the market. The concept of service engineering is not a new thing for world, this is a well accepted and profitable approach in industry. For example if we need a videography for any function then instead of purchasing of costlier videography equipment we prefer to go with service provider.

This paradigm shift is changing the way we develop and use software and hardware. Service Engineering exploits services as the fundamental elements for software industry. It has been applied to various areas and promotes fundamental changes to system architecture. Recently, cloud computing further expands the scope of Service Engineering to include new subjects such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IT as a Service (ITaaS) and Testing as a Service (TaaS).

Element of Service Engineering

This service engineering offerings are basically a concept of combining several developed product service and offer a customized service to customer. In this model Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE), Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI), Web Services (WS) standards and several protocols are emerged for providing the solid foundation.

In a product engineering business company’s main focus is to sell the developed product to customers, as opposed to service engineering business where company’s main focus is to perform a labour task and provide a customer oriented services. In service oriented model no capital investment is required as the service provider provide the infrastructure and software service as rent. In this approach customer only have to pay as per uses and for the number of users who would actually use the software services. This is the win-win situation for bothiON service by TCS customer and service provider. Most of the company are moving into this business model, like iON service by TCS. This iON services provide the IT infrastructure as a service to customer. IT as a Service is an innovative service model delivering a bouquet of products and services on-demand. That means it allows customer to choose what is relevant to there present needs from an integrated suite of hardware, network, and software solutions. Customers only pay subscription charges for actual uses.


­­­Nowadays everyday discussing on corruption, corrupt politician, unwieldy inflation, terrorism and so many unhealthy things moving around Indian politics. After discussion we left the thing on there own condition. We are always ready to point out someone but forgot to find out the real cause of problem. We are leaving in a democratic nation where we are responsible to choose our democratic leader. I agreed there are corrupt politician and leader in role are not doing there duty, then who is the responsible for this honestly saying we are the responsible here.

I am not disaccorded with Anna and Baba hungering movement, we have a right to express our feeling. But this is not a solution for all this corruption and mess-up. This is helpful to spread awareness in nation. By this hungering and post-mortem movement we may get the short come solution but we Feel proud to cast your votecan’t minimize this corruption. If we really want to see a uncorrupted India then we have to be unite and start participating in nation building activity. We have to participate in democracy and select the right candidate for the role. In India the voting percentage in Lok Sabha elections is near about 50%, that means half the nations are not participated in voting system. This is our right and our responsibility to choose right person for nation.

We believe that voting is not a civic duty, but rather a civil right, so it up to us to use our right or not. Now the time AADHAAR - Unique Identification Numberdemanded to make compulsory voting for all the eligible citizens. If we can fully participate in the democracy system then we will get the fully functional and uncorrupted democratic body. In earlier days implementing this compulsory voting was bit difficult but now we have a support of advance technology. Voting systems are not manual it is almost automated, so we can positively think on implementing the compulsory voting. We are also working on Unique Identification Number (UID) for all the citizen. With the new UID (Unique Identification Number) we should be digitally enabled to caste our vote.

In 2009 the Gujarat Assembly already passed a bill for making voting compulsory in all local self government bodies. This is the first such move in the country. The bill empowers the election officer designated by the state election commission to declare people who do not cast their vote as defaulter voters. They shall subsequently be notified and will have an opportunity to present their reason within a month. Compulsory voting ensures a large voter turnout. This means a victorious candidate or party clearly represents a majority of the populations. This helps ensures that governments do not neglect sections of society that are less active politically. If voters do not want to support any given choice, they may cast spoilt votes or blank votes. This is not a new concept it is implemented successfully in several nations.

If voting becomes an obligation and the government begins to punish people for not voting, then people will definitely go and cast their vote out of fear of the punishment but will not vote for the deserving candidate or a candidate based on his/her performance. As a result, even the political parties will not be bothered to campaign honestly and convince people about the policies, as they know that in any case everyone is going to vote, for or against them. Even without much work and promises they will garner votes.

Last week Lokayukta justice Santosh Hegde also advocate on need of compulsory voting in India. He urged the people to fight both compulsive and compulsory corruption in their own way.

For more info on Compulsory Voting :

Set your personal identityJust ask a few questions to yourself… Who you are? What you do? What is your core personality? What you stand for? For what you asked for? If you got to know the definitive answer of these questions then you can easily define yourself as a brand. We all enjoy to carry our branded stuff because they sets themselves as brand after gaining the trust of follower. This trust and commitment is a mantra of any brand.

Brand is describes us and the branding is a process for establishing our self as a brand. In a professional life we got some tag name called role, like Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Technology Analyst, Technical Architect, Product Manager etc. These roles are associated with us and enforce us to do the role demanding things. TBecome a brand ambassadorhis is okay we got some industry standard role name, but we need to think are we doing the desired thing that role promised. We always try to eat without making the food, and in this case we generally derailed from path of success. The normal path for success is first establish our self as a brand ambassador for the particular role. If we established our self as true brand name in our profession then we don’t need any role based tag name, because after that our name itself became a brand in industry.

We are a tangible artefact, which we create into a brand that is an image that lives in the mind of people. Every one of us personifies a brand i.e. the values and perceptions associated with us as individuals. Just like how we automatically think of sportsmanship with Nike, angry youngman with Amitabh, music player with iPad etc. Trusted BrandWe carry our personal brands on our shoulders… It’s our reputation… It’s what we are known for. In a recent client meeting my account manager introduced me as a “client layer technology specialist” and I was appointed for providing the technology solutions to client. The meeting went well and after that I asked myself am I illuminating as technology specialist in the team? After probing this I found that the reason for this was my engagement in various project team as a solution provider, it help me lot to established as a technology specialist within a team.

Personal branding is an essence of success

Tips for establishing our self as a brand

Here I want to share some of the key steps that help to established as a brand name.
$ Show your expertise as much as possible and publicize your brand-related successes and achievements.
$ Be helpful by sharing links and resources that you know people will benefit from.
$ Join brand related communities on social media (such as Facebook and LinkedIn Groups), in discussion forums, newsgroups and mailing lists.
$ Join and actively participate in your brand based community group… e.g. Adobe Developer Group, Oracle Developer Group and many more.
$ Make you easy to contact for thoughts and questions via email, Twitter, and other communication channel.
$ Don’t directly getting into the competition think different and differentiate yourself with other.
$ Create so much of dependency on team that you will be always contacted as a subject matter expert.
$ Last and more important point,  give people a reason to talk about you in a positive way that also matches your brand.

Trust return influence as a value

Core dimensions for personal branding

Our branding is our footprint, so make positive and perfect impression on other. At the very core, these are the dimensions that make us a brand and can also be applied in our professional life:
$ Presence – Ask yourself if you are visible enough. Be present on every table.
$ Authenticity – Be true to yourself. Know your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Do your SWAT analysis.
$ Differentiation – Know what sets you apart from another. What’s your unique value? How do you stand out?
$ Relevance – Get a firm understanding of how relevant your skills are to your company and your team.

Branding yourself keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, and creates a lasting impression on clients. By developing your own brand, you’ll have control over people’s initial perception. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favour.

Whenever we heard a sound Apple, the first thing that came into our mind is maker of innovative iPod, iPhone etc. then after apple as a fruit. This is a power of branding. If you haven’t started branding yourself then start now and move your steps towards steady success…

ActionScript 3 is an Object Oriented Programming language, and here access modifiers are used for handling declaration visibility. The common access modifiers in Object Oriented Programming are Public, Private and Protected, apart from this in AS3 new access modifier namespace is introduced. This is used when we want more control over who can access class items. A namespace is a context in which names are unique. There are three steps to gaining and sharing special access to items with namespaces. First, declare a new namespace. Second, determine what items belong in that namespace. For those items, use the namespace’s name as a visibility modifier instead of public, private, protected, or internal. Third, in code that needs special access to the namespaced item, open the namespace that we have created.

Flex framework is a very good example of using namespace. In Flex framework for handling internal data they used mx_internal namespace. There are so many variables are marked as mx_internal, these variables are available for developer whenever they use mx_internal namespace. As per Adobe mx_internal is a namespace used by the Flex framework to partition out functions and properties that may change in future releases of the Flex SDK. So before using mx_internal think closely on how to avoid using this, because mx_internal mark property which you are accessing will change in next release of framework. Although this is a very good feature by framework to exposing there internal function to developer, but this is advisable to use this as a reference only not for solving any requirement. In this post I am going to describe this risk area of using mx_internal.

I have simple usecase where I am using “mx:NumericStepper” component. As per requirement we need to provide a checkbox for controlling enable and disable of text input controls of “NumericStepper” component.

Editable Disable

There are no direct property are exposed for end user devleoper for taking a reference of text input controls of “NumericStepper”. In this case we use mx_internal for taking reference of text input. See the code below for reference.

Taking a reference of inputField using mx_internal This implementation will work fine if we not upgrading the flex framework for this application. As per Adobe’s clear statement this is an internal property and may be change in future release for framework version. So we can’t say this implementation will workable always. If you see the below code we are able to access the inputField properties using mx_internal, as this inputField properties is there in <mx> framework based NumericStepper component.

inputField are accessiable in <mx> based frework

But when we upgraded our framework and started using spark component then this properties is not more available and our implementation will go wrong. 

inputField is not available in spark controls

Although “mx_internal” may solve many problem but please take this as a reference and be aware that properties or functions defined under mx_internal may change in future versions of SDK.

The Big Blue celebrates its 100th anniversary and this is a gigantic achievements. The Big Blue is a popular name of IT giant IBM (International Business Machine). After this success story IT worlds are started looking the essence of survival in volatile IT industry. From the product providers to the service providers IBM is a witness of many changes in industry. I have also analyzed on this and found that the key of survivals are always ready to welcome changes. From this post I am trying to elaborate my observation. IBM started its IT line of business as a makers of typewriter because that era was for publishing market. Industry are changing frequently and there are demand of new technology are always in high. In every business changes IBM (Big Blue) always ready to adopt the changes. They quickly adopting the changes and become a leading electronic devices manufacturer. And on that time this company is a dominating force in commercial computing market. IBM analyzed the demand of data storage market after personal computer provider and enter into that domain also. As a data storage product providers IBM innovated Disk Drive, Floppy Disk, Magnetic Strip (we use that magnatic stripe in our credit/debit card). IBM gradually understand the demand of software and services market and sell their personal computer business to China’s Lenovo and jump into the software service industry. Nowadays Cloud computing is a popular jargon in IT industry and IBM invested huge on this area also. By adopting the changes IBM lead and survive last 100th years. As it celebrates its 100th anniversary, International Business Machines is a business that shows how innovation has accelerated, and how fast you have to move to stay ahead.

IBM Logo

Now we’re customer-led, we’re producing solutions rather than specific products to link together the complicated global infrastructure we find around us these days

Andy Stanford-Clark

In the same fashion of adapting changes, Apple also lead the IT market industry. Apple started IT  career from printing solution provider and then jump into popular MAC desktop development. When multimedia and music industry were enjoying technology changes Apple developed popular iPod music player. Everybody know the craze of using iPhone, Apple redefine the mobile industry and set a new benchmark for others. After setting a benchmark in mobile industry they enjoying the success of handheld device called iPad. This is not the end of story currently they are jump into the Could market and introduced much hyped iCloud services. They know the essence of adopting changes to surviving the industry. Apple is a dominating leader in their industry because of their believe in innovation and adaptation.

Microsoft is big name in industry but in some area they fail to set the benchmark in industry. Till now Microsoft not doing anything new they are more focused on their Windows OS and other older products line. They are not investing much on innovation and never adopting the changes of market. At present  Google and Facebook is doing good but they have to learn from Apple and IBM for how to adopt the market changes. Google and Facebook innovation growth are idle these days. Google is still much depended on their search engine and Ad insertion market. This is a time for Facebook also to introduced some new innovative idea to retain their user. As per recent survey Facebook losing their member this is not a good sign for this growing baby (report published by InsideFacebook).