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Adobe now brings your favourite TV show to the Internet. Now you can watch Television show your favourite internet device including personal computer, tablet and smartphone. This concept is popularizing with the name of TV Everywhere. TV everywhere allows end user to use all of these devices to access the same content that they have already subscribe to as pay TV customer without any additional fee.

Adobe Pass takes TV Everywhere from concept to reality by seamlessly verifying a user’s entitlement to content in a manner that is both simple and secure. This means a quick time to market for content owners and pay TV providers, a secure environment to prevent fraud, and a great customer experience, with more TV content available to more people across more platforms than ever before.

Adobe Pass for TV Everywhere, a secure and user-friendly authentication tool that allows consumers who subscribe to cable providers to easily access premium content previously only available via paid TV. The playback of content can occur on any platform including Flash Player, Silverlight, or HTML5, and in combination with any DRM technology like Adobe Flash Access.

Who is Adobe Pass for?

  • Programmers and content owners who want to easily integrate with top pay TV providers, while reaching the widest audience for optimal revenue
  • Pay TV distributors who seek painless connectivity with multiple programmers and higher customer satisfaction by facilitating access to premium content online
  • Pay TV customers who want easy access to content they already subscribe to, wherever they are, at no additional fee

Who are already implemented this?

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Now Shipping: Flash Media Playback

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Adobe, Media
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Flash Media Playback is a brand new free media player for Flash that makes it much easier to deliver high quality video the widest possible audience using Adobe Flash Player. Flash Media Playback has been designed to make it super simple to deploy video in no time at all with full support for all the delivery technologies including RTMP/RTMPe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Progressive Download. All you need to do to use it is add some simple HTML to your webpages – The actual SWF file will come from Adobe.

Flash Media Playback is built on top of the Open Source Media Framework and as part of that framework has full support for all of the third party plugin services from key service providers supporting the framework. Service providers such as CMS, CDNS, Advertising and Analytics that help you drive a business delivering video on the web.

Using the Flash Media Playback video player

To incorporate the Flash Media Playback video player into your web page, simply add the player embed code to the HTML page. When visitors load the web page in a browser, FMP is automatically displayed with your video playing on the page.

Flash Media Playback Setup page

To copy the embed code, visit the Flash Media Playback Setup page at The Flash Media Playback Setup page (see Figure 1) contains two main sections on the left and the right. Use the form on the left to enter the values for your video: video source location and various custom settings. The right side of the page contains a preview player and the preview embed code. Enter the values and then click Preview to generate the proper embed code.


Here are some important links to get started and learn more

The Flash Media Playback product pages:

The OSMF product page including Strobe Media Playback:

Developer Center Articles for getting started

Get started today, and keep creating great looking video experiences!