Hello! I am a software professional and I believe experiencing is a better style of learning. If we really want to learn then we have to live life out of the theories written on paper and start experiencing. I lived and enjoyed my life from enthusiastic mechanical engineer to hardcore software engineer. Currently I am gaining experience in software consultancy, and technology forecasting. I love to share my experience, and this blog is a reflection of my experiences and this is about entering a season of significant change and feeling compelled to write about it. Enjoy!

What they say about me

“Ravi is a very intelligent and motivated programmer. He is humble and an easy person to work with. I would highly recommend him in his domain of expertise.”
Ojesvi Garg – Project Manager, NIIT Limited

“Ravi is having excellent technical skills in flash/flex development. He is also committed towards his work.”
Vijay Kumar – Senior Associate, Sapient

“Ravi is a self motivated professional and willing to learn always. He is receptive to feedback and conscientious at improving himself and his surroundings, allowing him to ramp up quickly. Ravi does not wait for things to fall on his court; instead he takes the initiative to move things forward. Both personally as well as professionally he has been truly inspiring. I have and will always value my association with him.”
Rahul Jha – Lead Engineer, HCL Technologies

“Ravi has magnificent logical and analyzing skill and he is technology independent.”
Sidharth Nehra – Project Manager, Magic Software Pvt Ltd

“Ravi is a bright guy who is technically sharp and most importantly curious and proactive about new technologies. Ravi is an ever smiling chap, sincere and hardworking, good to talk, ready to take that extra mile with you if you are in need. He would easily fit in any organization. Wish him the very best of this life.”
Bineet Kumar – Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies

“He is very focused and dedicated. He helped in searching for the right and efficient solutions to problems. I can depend on him anytime for my delivery.”
Shachi Govil – Project Manager, Magic Software Pvt. Ltd

“His visualization and imagination power are amazing, he always assist me to resolve the many architecture design issue. Talking to him like gaining something in a form of peace and knowledge, he is a perfect person to talk. For me he is a lively encyclopaedia. Wish you all the best Ravi.”
Riya Dutta – Building Architect and Township Planner

“Ravi is a master in human observation and his social skills is very commanding.”
Kavita Tiwari – Lecturer Social Science

“Ravi is a really sharp and dedicated programmer, who picks up things very quickly. His concepts are clear, which allow him to adapt any technology. It was a pleasure working with Ravi.”
Pulkit Gupta – Programmer Analyst, Magic Software Pvt. Ltd

Note – source my Linkedin profile

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