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ยญยญยญNowadays everyday discussing on corruption, corrupt politician, unwieldy inflation, terrorism and so many unhealthy things moving around Indian politics. After discussion we left the thing on there own condition. We are always ready to point out someone but forgot to find out the real cause of problem. We are leaving in a democratic nation where we are responsible to choose our democratic leader. I agreed there are corrupt politician and leader in role are not doing there duty, then who is the responsible for this honestly saying we are the responsible here.

I am not disaccorded with Anna and Baba hungering movement, we have a right to express our feeling. But this is not a solution for all this corruption and mess-up. This is helpful to spread awareness in nation. By this hungering and post-mortem movement we may get the short come solution but we Feel proud to cast your votecanโ€™t minimize this corruption. If we really want to see a uncorrupted India then we have to be unite and start participating in nation building activity. We have to participate in democracy and select the right candidate for the role. In India the voting percentage in Lok Sabha elections is near about 50%, that means half the nations are not participated in voting system. This is our right and our responsibility to choose right person for nation.

We believe that voting is not a civic duty, but rather a civil right, so it up to us to use our right or not. Now the time AADHAAR - Unique Identification Numberdemanded to make compulsory voting for all the eligible citizens. If we can fully participate in the democracy system then we will get the fully functional and uncorrupted democratic body. In earlier days implementing this compulsory voting was bit difficult but now we have a support of advance technology. Voting systems are not manual it is almost automated, so we can positively think on implementing the compulsory voting. We are also working on Unique Identification Number (UID) for all the citizen. With the new UID (Unique Identification Number) we should be digitally enabled to caste our vote.

In 2009 the Gujarat Assembly already passed a bill for making voting compulsory in all local self government bodies. This is the first such move in the country. The bill empowers the election officer designated by the state election commission to declare people who do not cast their vote as defaulter voters. They shall subsequently be notified and will have an opportunity to present their reason within a month. Compulsory voting ensures a large voter turnout. This means a victorious candidate or party clearly represents a majority of the populations. This helps ensures that governments do not neglect sections of society that are less active politically. If voters do not want to support any given choice, they may cast spoilt votes or blank votes. This is not a new concept it is implemented successfully in several nations.

If voting becomes an obligation and the government begins to punish people for not voting, then people will definitely go and cast their vote out of fear of the punishment but will not vote for the deserving candidate or a candidate based on his/her performance. As a result, even the political parties will not be bothered to campaign honestly and convince people about the policies, as they know that in any case everyone is going to vote, for or against them. Even without much work and promises they will garner votes.

Last week Lokayukta justice Santosh Hegde also advocate on need of compulsory voting in India. He urged the people to fight both compulsive and compulsory corruption in their own way.

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