Archive for September 21, 2010

You are a source of the most powerful energy on the planet because you have a mind and an intellect, which has the capacity to create thoughts, ideas and actions. If however, there is no purpose (aim and objective) to your creativity, no focus or direction, your energy and your power will leak out in a variety of directions. You will be left with a drained feeling and the subtle guilt that you wasted precious time and energy. Just as a light bulb focuses and radiates the energy of electricity, so a clear purpose focuses and radiates the power of the self. Take time out to consider your purpose in life and then how you can translate that purpose into your day, everyday. You will see your purpose in your mind’s eye. One day it will occur to you, perhaps unexpectedly, perhaps in one single thought, or a clear single image of stunning clarity (accuracy), but you will know it with a certainty that needs no questioning.
With Regard’s
Ravi Sharma