Youtube gets an HTML5 website for mobiles

Posted: August 27, 2010 in HTML5
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MOBILE HTML5 VIDEO is now accessible at Youtube through a website dedicated to the format for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Youtube’s owner Google said that with mobile web browsing expected to overtake desktop browsing it has updated its mobile video website for use on-the-go. With the update Google has added features from the main Youtube website such as like/dislike ratings, the ability to share links with social notworking services such as Facebook, Twitter and Buzz, plus the ability to load videos in lower quality more quickly.

“People want access to videos at all time[s], and they want to do so as quickly and consistently as possible,” said Youtube’s product manager for mobile, Andrey Doronichev. “With this new site, users can get the same experience on their smartphones or tablet devices in terms of both speed and functionality as they do on the desktop as we have streamlined the site to work over 3G networks as fast as possible.”

The Youtube HTML5 website has been designed to offer a consistent user experience on all mobile devices, including the Ipod Touch and the Ipad. Samsung’s Bada OS, as used on that firm’s Wave smartphone, is currently not supported by the website but Google explained that it will be after the first maintenance release of Samsung’s browser.

Youtube’s mobile website now also comes with large, touch-friendly buttons that make navigation easier by removing the need to scroll or zoom. Doronichev also took a swipe at mobile manufacturers by arguing that because the website is managed by Google directly, updates will be done far more regularly than those from phone manufacturers who only periodically update their native applications.


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