Documentation Tool for ActionScript

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Best Practice

AS2Doc is a powerful, easy to use and fast documentation generator for your ActionScript 2 based classes. AS2Doc reads your source code, included comments and creates a rich content documentation automatically! You can choose various options to customize your documentation. Various output formats are supported by using AS2Doc Styles (XSL). You can even write your own style for any custom output format!

Online Page:

AS2Docular v0.9.6
AS2Docular is a free, web-based application used to generate HTML documentation for Flash ActionScript 2.0 (.as) files. Like other tools of its kind, it uses ActionScript comments and code to decide the content of the documentation generated. For more on correctly commenting a file for AS2Docular, see Commenting ActionScript for AS2Docular. AS2Docular also support predefined template for documentation style. The best part of this tool is easy to use.

Online Page:

ZenDoc is a simple, free, (primarily) web-based application written in PHP used to generate customizable HTML documentation for Flash ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 source files. Like other tools of its kind, it uses Javadoc-style comments within source code to decide the content of the documentation generated.

Online Page:

ACtion Info Doc, (Acid), is written in Python, for ActionScript2 class api-doc generation. Include command-line script (acid) and GUI (wxAcid).  AS2 class analysis, grab info of the super, interface, constructor, properties and methods. Support most javadoc tags with some variants.  Supported Tag are for class, @author, @version; for properties, @throws; for methods, @param, @return, @throws; general, @see.

Online Page:

VisDoc generates html documentation from ActionScript 2.0, 3.0 and Java class files. VisDoc integrates a smart processor to parse class files – you don’t need to prepare or rewrite your classes. Even if you don’t use doc comments, you can generate handy class documentation with a Table of Contents.

VisDoc is only available for Mac Os.

Online Page:

AS2API parses ActionScript 2 source code and generates HTML API documentation in the style of JavaDoc. It is open source, and runs on Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

For ‘FlashDevelop’ (ActionScript Editor) user has a best option to use AS2Doc. FlashDevelop already configured with AS2Doc tool.

Step to use AS2Doc in FlashDevelop:
1. Tools -> Flash Tools -> AS2API
2. Enter Documentation Page title in <Page Title> field.
3. Enter Package name to be documented in <Package> field.
4. Enter output dir path where documentation to be created in <Output Dir>.
5. Select classpath of package to be documented using <Brows> option.
6. Click on <Generate Documentation> button for generate document.

Online Page:



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