List of Windows Command Line Utilities

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Thoughts

All listed commands are very powerful for handling system configuration, process, network etc.

  1. fc : Compare two files and display the differences.
  2. fsutill : Powerful commands that can be used to configure many file system properties.
  3. getmac : Display the MAC address for your network card.
  4. icacls : Display or changes the access control list (permissions) for files.
  5. ipconfig : Display and change your TCP/IP configuration settings, to flush DNS or renew DHCP leases.
  6. net : A set of commands for interacting with Windows network functions.
  7. netsh : Powerful utility that can adjust many network and interface settings.   
  8. netstat : Displays immediate networks stats, such as open ports and routing table information.
  9. path : Set the path used by Windows for finding files without having to type the full path of a file.
  10. pathping : Used for network troubleshooting.
  11. reg : Interact with the registry from the command prompt.
  12. sc : Useful for configuring services.
  13. schtasks : Schedule tasks.
  14. set : Display or change environment variables.
  15. sfc : System File Checker, used to check whether system files are valid or not.
  16. shutdown : Shutdown the computer, optionally restarting if specified.
  17. start : Start a new application separate from the current session.
  18. subst : Map a folder to a drive letter.
  19. systeminfo : Show detailed info about the computer.
  20. tasklist : Display a list of processes with their IDs, useful in conjunction with taskkill.
  21. taskkill : Used to kill processes.
  22. tracert : Used for troubleshooting network connections by tracing through the route to a server.
  23. tree : Display the directory structure in an ascii-style tree.
  24. type : Show the contents of a text file.
  25. xcopy : Copy command that also copies subdirectories and files.

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